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Kushiro National College of Technology
No.30(1996) Abstracts

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Boriding of Steels by Induction Heating

 Abstract>  Newly developed boriding process,which was performed by heating the metal using high-frequency induction furnace then melt the salt consisted of borax,carborundum and boron carbide,was applied to several kinds of steels in order to find its feature. The study was carried out on the effect of chemical composition in steels and salts on the properties of boride layer. Thick layer was obtained by using the salt containing boron carborundum. Increasing chromium content of the steels inhibit boriding and consequently needle-like boreide layer changed into smooth one. Boride layer made by induction heating grew more thick than the one by conventional immersion method.

Investigation and Study about CAD Education

 Abstract>  It become to a period when CAD(Computer Aided Design) system was introduced on many industrial fields for the purpose of high speed and efficient of work and used CAD system. Although importance of CAD education on higher education organization is recognized, there are not many case reports about methodology. This report is the report of investigation by a questionnaire on the subject of Department of Mechanical Engineering, National College of Technology, about enforcement of CAD education and curriculum composition etc. Problems of CAD to do curriculum expansion is announced and it proposes about the education method. And, it made CAD text for the drawing, drawing figures in order to understand base of CAD. It becomes composition content that takes up general CAD system on drawing education, is a comprehensible explanation and training . Use a kind of at first difficult command is avoided and it is doing composition which master a necessary command, as a lesson advances, and understand. It reports about this text content.

Studies on Thermal Conductivity of Foam Insulator for Snow Melt Control

 Abstract>  As a method of snow melt control, whipped foam insulator of gelatine and animal protein is studied in this paper. According to the indications of the previous outdoor experiments that the deformation characteristics of foam insulator as well as its thermal conductivity is important for snow melt control. In this time, foam insultator and adding agar insulator ware measured new method for measuring thermal conductivity of foam insulator "method of one-dimensional plane-parallel plate". The measuring mehtod and results are summarized as fellows.

Wind Tunnel Expriment for Turbulent Diffusion of Particles Released from Continuous Point Source

 Abstract>  Turbulent diffusion from continuous point source was examined in a wind tunnel with strong turbulence intensity and large-scale eddy that to possible reappear plume meandering. Mean and fluctuating property of concentration field was measrued laster measurement system, and the results are compared to our grid turbulence and previous experiments. The mean plume width and diffusion theory. And was suggest that concentration property were very different in both turbulent field, so that presented necessity of more quantify analysis of fluctuating properties in large scale turbulence with meandering plume was important.

Characteristics and Critical Heat Flux of Ice Accretion along a Fine Wire Immersed in Cold Air Streams with Water Spray

 Abstract>  An experimental study is carried out on the characteristics and de-icing heat transfer coefficients of ice accretion along a horizontal fine wire immersed in cold air streams with water spray. THe data are obtained for three diameters of platinum wire which are 0.5,0.8 and 1.0mm. It is indicated that the critical heat flux protecting ice accretion is able to be decided from the temperature variation of the wire when a water layer on the wire is de-iced. It is found that the diameter of the wire does not affect so strongly on the critical heat flux.

A Study on Attenuation of Broadcasting via Satelite Wave at Kushiro Region (Part IV)

 Abstract>  The characteristics,which are maintainable time of attenuation effected by rain, are investigated by Kiyoshi Murakami(NHK). They investigate the characteristics in Japan except Hokkaido. In this paper, the characteristics are measured at Kushiro region from July through October 1995. Then the characteristics are compared to the data measured by Murakami. As a result we indicate that the characteristics at Kushiro region are similar these at another region in Japan.

Study on DC Servo Motor Speed Control (2)

 Abstract>  In this paper, experimental results for the following two control methods realizing DC motor speed control are shown.
  1.Disturbance suppression control
  2.Digital PID control
 This experiment is in series of the first paper. Disturbance suppression control has better performance for suppression of disturbance. And, digital PID control has better chracteristics for system parameter's variation than analog PID.

The Application Cu-Zr Intermetallic Compound Films to Si-LSI Metallization Materials (2)

 Abstract>  This study reports the results led by the evalution of the thin film made of the chemical compound between metals that is known as Cu-Zr alloy which is the first step in which we examine the application of the regular alloy of the low resistance Cu and the high melting point metal Zr to the metallzation materials. We examined the quality of this alloy by the production of the sample made the targets, and by the constitution analysis judged from the crystal states known by the analysis of the X ray refrection and from the analysis of AES, and by the resistance rate of the mado film.

The Study of Self-organized Neuralnetwork Considered Supervise Data

 Abstract>  This report presents the training algorithm of a two-layer radical based function network. On the first layer, training data was classify into clusters refer to supervised data. These mean values and dispersions are calculated every clusters and are given to each nodes as node pattern and error variance matrix. On the second layer, since node data work coeficient that combine outputs of first layer's node into values of supervised data, they acquire to solve simultaneous equations. The network which is trained this algorithm shows a good performance.

An Interactive User Interface for the Technical Term Information Extraction System

 Abstract>  We developed an interactive user interface for the technical term information extraction system. Using this system users can select document files by mouse click and directly view figures. They can also use this system through the Internet.

A Supporting System for Learning the Pregraming Language Scheme on WWW

 Abstract>  We have a class of the Programming Lnguage Scheme in the second grade at the Department of Information Engineering. Students learn the basic idea of Scheme (car, cdr, cons) on WWW. There are some unsuitable things to exercise on WWW. Firstly, it only displays readymade question on WWW. Secondly, students select an answer from readymade answering questions as an S-expression is very important and effective to learn the basic idea of Scheme. We made 3 programs; CQP for creating questions automatically, CAP for checking an answer as an S-expression and CARP for calcurating a correct answer rate. In this article, we describe this system constructed with CQP, CAP and CARP.

Multimedia Education System for Department of Information Technology

 Abstract>  This report presents the experience that installed new multi-media education system and the way of system management. It was built the 45 PC-AT compatible machines and network file server (NetApp F330). They were installed Linux operating system and provide our students multimedia environment.

Frost Resistance of Pre-foamed ALC

 Abstract>  For the frost resistance improvement of pre-foamed ALC, we have examined the fundamental properties and the frost resistance of 13 specimens made by the pre-foam method and have got the following.
 (1) The average pore diameter becomes smaller by using a water shedding agent, and also larger by using a water reducing agent.
 (2) The cracking of the one-side frozen specimens is decreased when a water shedding agent is used.
 (3) In the freezing and thawing test, the more scaling is observed when a water shedding agentis used, and the less scaling when a water reducing agent is used. The deterioration of the speciments is, on the whole, slowed dowm.

Mesurement of Natural Room Temperature of the Solar System Model with the Storage Floor

 Abstract>  The purpose of this study is to clarify thermal condition of the direct gain passive solar system in cold climate area. There is possible to get many solar radiation in cold season. The experiment is doing by using small handmade house models and it is measuring natural room temperature in models. By results of some experiments, it was confirmed effects on the thermal storage floor and the width or the arrangement of window for natural room temperature in house models.

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