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Kushiro National College of Technology
No.31(1997) Abstracts

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Development of Control System for Inverted Pendulum on Rotating Arm

Abstract- Inverted pendulum is utilized in order to understand the control theory. We have now developed system that controls in a movement a straight line inverted pendulum. We developed system that controlled inverted pendulum on the rotating arm this time.
 This paper will explain the control system synthesis about revolution inverted pendulum newly developed and report about the effect of experiment.
Key words : inverted pendulum,control,state equation,linear system, dynamic system

Toward Improved Ductility and Toughness of Heavy-Walled Ferritic Ductile Irons

Abstract- Spheroidal-graphite(s-g) iron castings recently have exceeded 160 metric tons in shipping weight, since there has been an increasing application of s-g iron to heavy castings. Increasing the size of s-g iron castings results in difficulty in obtaining high ductility and toughness. This paper describes the fundumental study concerning with elongation and fracture toughness and the material data obtained from mock-up casks with 500mm in wall thichness made of s-g iron.
Key words : ferritic ductile iron, spheroidal graphite iron, fracture toughness, nodulality, elongation

Studies on Thermal Conductivity of Foam Insulator for Snow Melt Control  Part2

Abstract- As a method of snow melt control, whipped foam insulator of gelatine and animal protein is studied in this paper. Using "method of one-dimensional plane-parallel plate" measured thermal conductivities of foam insulator. The measuring results are summarized as follows.
Key Words : snow melt control,foam insulator,thermal conductivity

Design and Evaluation of Small Calibration Wind-Tunnel

Abstract- The small wind tunnel that can accurately calibration and evaluation of various fluid sensor (mainly Hot-Wire Anemometer) was designedand made. Concept of design, it has low-cost, low turbulence level and a high steady state. As the results of measurement of characteristics of flow field :
 1.pulsation for a period of about 9min that has maximum velocity fluctuation U/=2.5% was observed. measurement sectional area, flow uniformity and turbulent intensity were ±1% and less than 0.5%
 3.Distingushed frequency components were no existence in velocity spectra except nearly wall surface and confirmed that comparatively homogeneous flow filed was realized.
Key Words : wind Tunnel, flow Measurements

FDTD Analysis for Printed Dipole Antenna

Abstruct- This report describes the input impedance characteristics of a printed dipole antenna. Using the finite-differance time-domain(FDTD) method the transient input current of a printed dipole antenna is obtained. Base on the obtained current the input impedance in the frequency domain is evaluated. The validity of the input impedance is checked by the measured input return loss of a printed dipole antenna.
Key Words : dipole antenna , planer antenna , input impedance , FDTD

Study on DC Servo Moter Position Control

Abstract- In this paper, simulation studies for DC servo motor positioning system by the following methods are shown.
1. Digital optimal control
2. Digital optimal preview control
Both the digital optimal control and the digital optimal preview control methods give better robustness for system parameter variation as well as disturbance. Digital optimal preview control results in considerable reduce of performance index value, and improvement of the tracking performance and the characteristics due to feedforward compensate by previewable desired signal and disturbance.
Key Words : DC servo motor,position control,digital optimal control, digital optimal preview control

Campus LAN System with ATM Backbone Networks

Abstract- On March 1996, the campus LAN system was set up in the Kushiro National College of Technology. This system consists of an ATM network and twisted-pair Ethernet segments. In our campus LAN, the ATM network, which is one of switch-based fast networks with fiber optics, is adopted for backborn network and directly interconnected with each Ethernet segment. In this paper, we will show some examples of using network applications. And we will point out current problems of our network, and give the solution to them.
Key Words : campus LAN, ATM network, LAN Emulation, management network

Measurement of Curvature Radii of Rotating Cylindrical Objects by Using Dynamical Speckles

Abstract- Statistical properties and its application of integrated dynamic speckles produced in the diffraction field from rotating cylindrical objects are investigated. The behavior of space time cross correlation functions of integrated dynamic speckles due to a variation in the curvature radius of cylindrical objects is studied in relation to the boiling and translational motions of speckles produced actually in the diffraction field. By using the space time cross correlation function of integrated dynamic speckles, an effect of the curvature radius of cylindrical objects on statistical properties of integrated dynamic speckles is studied experimentally to verify the theory.
Key Words : Dynamic specckles, Curvature radius, Boiling, Translation, Space time cross correlation function

The Study of RLS Analysis Using the Self-Organized Neuralnetwork

Abstract- This report proposes a new node architecture which can use self-organized neuralnetwork. Since this node have AR parameter of input voice signal, the non-similarity value of it is the estimation error which is caliculated using AR parameter and input signals. The algorism of renewal for AR parameter is RLS. This node can make smaller network than node which calculated similarity value using standard euclid distance. In this paper , we show the power spectrum which obtain from this node and FFT.
Key Words : self-organization, recursive least-squares, autoregresive model

Automatic Indexing with Technical Terms for HTML Documents

Abstract- We developed an automatic indexing system for scientificdocuments. This system automatically extracts technical terms and their definitions from a scientific document and adds HTML markup tags to the original document. The indexed document, written in HTML, is easily read with WWW browser. By clicking the highlighted technical term users can easily get the definition of it.
Key words : automatic indexing, information retrieval, hypertext markup language,technical term, scientific document

A System for Finite-Element Mesh Generation

Abstract- To improve the productivity and the facility of the numerical simulation based on the finite-element method, a system for the efficient mesh generation has been developed. This system is designed to be extensible at function and flexible at operation as well as suitable for network computing, therefore it is not a single complicated program but a set of simple programs. The present two-dimensional version provides a mesh generation filter and a graphical user interface.
Key Words : CAE, finite-element method, mesh generation.

An O(log n)-time Parallel Algorithm for Constructing a Spanning Forest on Trapezoid Graphs

Abstract- Let G=(V,E) be a simple graph with n vertices, m edges and p connected components. The problem of constructing a spanning forest is to find a spanning tree for each connected component of G. For a simple graph, Chin et al. demonstrated that a spanning forest can be found in O(log2 n) time using O(n2/log2 n) processors. In this paper, we propose an O(log n) time parallel algorithm with O(n/log n) processors on the EREW PRAM for constructing a spanning forest on trapezoid graphs.
Key words : parallel algorithms; trapezoid graphs; spanning forest

A Supporting System for Learning the Programming Language Scheme on WWW (2)

Abstract- We made use of a Supporting System for Learning the Programming Language Scheme on WWW (SPLASH96) for students on 2nd grade of information engineering course at Programming Language. As a result, we found that students made unexpected illegal answers (S-expressions) which the previous error-check method could not process. So,it is necessary that we consider an appropriate process to illegal S-expressions. In this article, we describe the SPLASH97 which have a new error-check method to S-expressions.
Keywords : CAI system for programming language Scheme, error-check method

Investigation on the Street Lighting of KITA-ODORI Area in Kushiro City

Abstract- This report shows results of an investigation which aims to find the cause of an economical decline at KITA-ODORI area in Kushiro city from the point of view of the street lighting. We conducted a survey of what image visitors and its residents had about the street lighting.
The conclusion is : one of the causes for the decline is due to the lighting system not working well in the area. And it brings a lack of attractiveness in the business area. We should carefully consider the town's culture and the harmony with present buildings when we plan the lighting system in the area.
Key words : economical decline,street lighting,lighting system,image scale

Power Generation by Temperature Difference Utilizing Rausu Hot Spring

Abstract- Power generation by temperature difference is one of the clean energy development. Then we produced a generation system by tempereture difference which is given by hot water and cool water. Thermoelectric conversion modules of bismuth telluride were used for the system. Rausu hot spring was one of the most suitable heat source of natural environment for the system. Because it grew very hot water for itself, and a cool river flowed beside it. Then about 30W electric power was obtained continuously utilizing Rausu hot spring.
Key words : Thermoelectric conversion, Power generation by tempereture difference, Bismuth telluride

Photovoltaics at Kushiro City -Utilizing A 3kW Photovoltaic Cell Pannel-

Abstract - Photovoltaics is the one of the most remarkable power generation system. Because Solar energy is limitless and the system is very kind to natural environment. In Kushiro city, a fog usually gathers during the summer. Then it is thought that the photovoltaics is not good in Kushiro.
But it is almost always very fine during the winter in Kushiro. Therefore the investigation of the photovoltaics in Kushiro is very important theme.
A Photovoltaic system is presented by Hokkaido electric power company.
In this paper, it is explained how the photovoltaic system fitted in Kushiro has driven from this spring.
Key words: thermoelectric conversion, power generation by temperature difference, bismuth telluride

Some Observations on Multicultural Education in Oceania ; A Creative Study Overseas

Abstract- This paper sets out to consider the creativity of the author's study overseas organized and practiced by himself in 1988, and also to announce that the study overseas developed into the establishment of the exchange program between Western Melbourne Institute of TAFE and Kushiro National College of Technology.
The author organized the study overseas by changing letters with Departments of Education, which are in NSW and Victoria in Australia, and in Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand, visiting sixteen schools and educational institutions in total. The purpose of the study overseas was to compare the English teaching to non-English speakers as a part of multicultural education for immigrants in Oceania with that to English speakers as a mother tongue.
Keywords : creativity, study overseas, English teaching, multicultural education, Oceania