On Monday, we visited Mayor of Kushiro, Mr. Hiroya Ebina. I was a bit nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect of him and what would we do while visiting him. In the end everything turned out fine, we were interviewed about the same topics, which we had answered for many times in the past, for example: what have we done on while in Japan and why are we interested in Japan. After visiting Mayor we were interviewed more in another room. Jani did most of the talking, in English as usual and there probably were many misunderstandings as his answers weren’t thoroughly thought, but at least they were funny.

On Wednesday we went to Tea Ceremony Club with Aki after school. There was some sort of welcome party for the new members. It took quite long as there was too sessions where two different people were making the tea in front of the people. I first thought it would be only one session so I drank too many cups of tea on the first session. The first session had candy, which had a shape of sakura flower. Even though it was long session it was fun as we made new acquaintances and at the end we took group picture with all the club members.

On Thursday we went to see Oji paper companies’ factories. At first we went to Oji’s club house where we were given a short presentation of the company. I was quite surprised that 95 % of all the paper/carbon paper, is made of old/used paper, that’s some recycling. We also saw video presentation of the company where we saw some clips of summer in Kushiro, it looked very beautiful, hope we also could see that.

The Friday’s drinking party should have been canceled, because the people of Oji dormitory who invited us suddenly should have had to work longer than they thought. When I already had prepared to go sleep early the people who invited came rushing in at about nine o’clock, that they finished their work and we could go out drinking. There was no time to refuse and so we went, Aki didn’t take part as he had already made different plans as he thought the drinking party would be canceled. We had a lot of fun while drinking and teaching Finnish for the Japanese. We also sang some karaoke, we chose very slow song from Elvis as we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves.

The rest of the weekend we took easy while preparing for our trip to Tokyo and Kyoto.








In this week we met Kushiro’s mayor, had a press interview and, had a meal party with other students and visited in paper factory. Also in Friday I went to meet a new friend of my, who studies in Hokkaido University of Education. Kamiya-sensei told me that some person wants me to join Kendo club. I will check it next week. I and Aku are still planning to join badminton club but I don’t have shoes so I haven’t joined yet. I will have shoes next time when I go to practice. Tea ceremony club was entertaining as usually.My project improved lot. I build on excel couple diagraphs to present noise level and now I can directly input new data and see change on noise level. After golden week I plan to find out good values on current and distance of coils. Biggest problem is that noise redactor is very unstable. Even one change on millimeters will dramatically effect on results. Also large area (80*2mm) makes project challenging. Area of 60*2 mm would be much easier to succeed.I also feel very confusing and it can be noted on my English. Speaking three different languages is confusing