Activities(Aku Hosio)

On Monday night we traveled in night bus to Sapporo, it was a bit cramped for me, I couldn’t straighten my legs and the air in car was somewhat stale so I didn’t sleep so well. Early in the morning we arrived Sapporo bus station and continued traveling with train to Chitose airport. We arrived Tokyo at about 10 o’clock. From there we went for some sightseeing. We visited Zojoji temple, it was my first time seeing Japanese temple that close. The surroundings were very beautiful. There were a huge number of some small statues which I still don’t understand, what they symbolize. After visiting the temple we were going to see Tokyo tower, but there was so many people lining up for it, so we gave up. After that we went to Komatsu-sensei’s house as we were very tired after traveling.

On Tuesday morning we left early as we had reserved bullet train tickets to Kyoto for early in the morning. When I first saw the bullet train I was a bit disappointed as I thought it would be more luxury looking from inside, but actually it looked very much like trains in Finland. Well, at least it was faster than Finnish trains. After arriving Kyoto we decided to walk to Fujimiinari Shrine. On the way we visited Tofukuji temple, the bridge there was very beautiful. We also paid that we could go top of the Sanmon gate. After that we continued our way to Fujimiinari. On one of the crossways we weren’t sure where to go, so I asked help from some people running by, they gladly lead us for the right path. The people seemingly worked for the Japanese army, which was actually first thing they said after they started leading the way for us. When we arrived Fujimiinari, we stopped to eat. We ate Oyakodon and drank beer with it. After that we started climbing up the Fujimiinari’s stairs. It didn’t take long before Jani wanted to turn back, as he felt like it’s just never ending line of torii, but I wanted to continue and so we went all the way to the top. I was really surprised and tired after climbing all the way up as I didn’t think it would be so long way to top. After that we head to our hostel which was on the other side of Kyoto, so took train to Uzumasa station and walked the rest of the way. It was already dark when we arrived the hostel so we took a bath and went to sleep.

On Wednesday morning we ate breakfast at the hostel. In the cafeteria some young Japanese guy started talking to us and wanted to go sightseeing with us as he had come alone as his friends had made some other plans and canceled trip with him. He talked English fairly well, he was from Tokyo and seemingly studied culture in some University. We accepted his offer and after breakfast we headed out, planning to go see Kinkakuji. It rained almost all day, but we still walked all the way to Kinkakuji. On the way we stopped at Ninnaji and Ryoanji. In Ninnaji we had to pay quite sum of money to be able to access all the places, but it was worth it as the palace’s garden was very beautiful. After Ninnaji we visited Ryoanji as our new acquaintance from Tokyo, wanted to visit there. There was some rock garden which had 15 rocks which one couldn’t see all at once from any angle. After that we arrived to Kinkakuji, which was very crowded, so we didn’t have that much time to stop and take our time there. After Kinkakuji we ate Okonomiyaki for lunch, which you had to basically make yourself on the table. Mine became a bit odd as it was thick from the center and flat from the sides, but it was tasty.

At night we decided to go out for a drink, there was this street full of bars and other drinking places so it was hard to decide and we ended up in small pub, where we ate pizza and drink some beers. There we met a young couple whom started to talking to us after some time and we had a good conversation and took some photos with the couple and the bartenders.

On our last day in Kyoto, Thursday, we went to Toei Movie Park. Jani didn’t fell so well after last night so we did most of the attractions by ourselves with Aki. For example we went for ghost house, which actually wasn’t so scary as it was so dark that one couldn’t see anything. There were also some hidden doors which were quite amusing as Aki didn’t find them at first. Before leaving Kyoto we bought some Kyoto’s sweets that we plan to give for everyone in Tea Ceremony Club next week.

On Friday we were already back at Tokyo. We went to Asakusa with Komatsu-sensei’s daughter Anri-san. It was very crowded, one couldn’t move freely there. Jani was interested in buying yukata, but he couldn’t decide which one. We ate nikuman for the first time with Aki, they were very tasty. After Asakusa we had still some time left so we went to Cafe near the Nippori station.For the last thing we took a quick visit in Akihabara, where we saw a lot of odd things.


今週の日記(アク ホシオ)







Week report 4, week 18(Aki Riski)

This week was golden week and like other Japanese we decided to travelaround Japan and have a holiday. Our destination was Tokyo and Kyoto.Myself I didnt have any plans what to do or see so I let Aku and Janidecided where we should go and do.

Traveling sure is expensive in Japan. Everything else is cheaper than inFinland but traveling is super expensive. 30 000 \ person could fly toEngland from Helsinki but here it was price from Tokyo to Kyoto and backon shinkansen.

Our first night was in Tokyo Komatsu-senseis house. It was very Japanese!We also saw some big shrine in Tokyo witch is related to Tokugawashogunate and we saw Tokyo tower. Tokyo tower is not anything special Ithink and we did not go in because of long line.

Second day we traveled to Kyoto to see local oteras. Jani wanted to walkall the time but when we had been walking whole day we took train to localyouth hostel. Im sure that Jani and Aku wrote lot of oteras so for furtherinformation please read their reports.

Third day we woke up early and walked to see some more oteras. Before wewent out we meet one Japanese guy who was alone because his friends werebusy, so we took him with us and went to see city. We saw Japans mostfamous one: golden temple. Weather was bad and it was raining whole day.Actually rest of week weather was bad in Kyoto, Tokyo and Kushiro. Thismade me believe that Japanese weather is permanently bad… Youth hostelwas a nice place. They offered breakfast and dinner. Also ofuro andwashing machines were available. In evening we went Kyoto’s center to seeJapanese night life and drink some osake.

Fourth day we visited in eigamura. it is a theme park for children butnear train station and we had to go to shinkansen at 1pm. Eigamura wasenjoyable place. In Tokyo we again went to Komatsu sensein house and thenlocal ofuro. Ofuro is like Finnish sauna but sauna is more hot, and peoplespeak in sauna. In ofuro I got feeling that people there are sittingsilently like vegetables in miso soup.

Fith day we went to see Tokyo with senseis daughter Anri Komatsu. She tookus to Akihabara and other places in Tokyo. Then we went back.

Last day was traveling and we were back in Kushiro around 23pm saturday.Next day weather was bad in Kushiro as usual.


第四週目レポート(アキ リスキ)