Week21(Jani Virtanen)

Week’s tasks and activities

Machining center lesson I learned to use the device manually. We went through how the machine is started up and how to change the drill in to machine. You need to program MC machine to know what are the dimensions of manufactured piece and where it is located. We made a Japanese tea for teachers. Komatsu Sensei said that my tea was good. I also had a lesson where we went through the history of Hokkaido.

What did I learn and where did I success.

I learned to use the MC machine manually. I know now how to insert starting settings in to machine so that the device will operate correctly. I learned basics how to make Japanese-style tea but it is really hard to remember every detail when the tea is made.

Next week’s plans:

Next week we have a two special lessons.Komatsu Sensei keeps us an lesson where we go through about weather satellites. In the second lesson we are studying at simulating an iceberg.

Daily life

I went to the tulip festival. There was really beautiful. We drank Japanese-style tea with the mayor. After tulip festival we went to see cherry trees. There we barbecue and looked at the landscape. It was really fun.


第7週目レポート(ヤニ ビルタネン)









Weekly Report 7 ( Aki Riski )

Previous weeks weekend was quite interesting so I will write only about it. In Saturday I met a Japanese family who had read me from newspaper andwanted to talk to foreign people. Their daughter spoke good Englishbecause she lives with her huspand in Sweden so I did not have problems to speak with them. I alone went to their house because Aku did not want to come and Jani wanted to study as usual. I had good time and they gave me lot of donuts as a souniver.

In Sunday we went with Kamiya-sensei to hanami but before that there was a local festival. There we accidentaly met people from our school and wespent some time with them. I gave a flower to Megumi and she liked it verymuch. Later we had a tea ceremony before hanami and we say Yoko-sensei.

Hanami was funny. There was some teacher from our school and we metprevious president as well.

After hanami I went to continue drinking to my friend place who studies in Hokkaido University of Education. I rested a bit and continued having fun with them.

In next morning I had a hangover and my friend wanted to go with me tomeet people from NASA who visited in our school. We went there by bikesand after meeting I went back to dormitory to sleep because I had nolectures more today. I also ate rest of saturdays donuts 😛


第7週目レポート(アキ リスキ)





Weekly Report7(Aku Hosio)

On Monday we had a special class about Japanese tea ceremony. Yoko-sensei taught us the right way to make and serve tea for customer. After we had practiced the process about 3 to 4 times, we had to serve tea for teachers without any help. I think I got everything right on the first time, but I was surprised by Kamiya-sensei as he asked for a second cup, so I forgot some of the process while making the second cup. It wasn’t anything big so probably even Yoko-sensei didn’t realize it.

On Sunday we went to Tulip festival with Kamiya-sensei to take part in a tea ceremony held there. We first came there with bad timing so we had to wait at least 30 mins to take part in a tea ceremony. As we were waiting we met a punch of Kosen’s students that we knew. We decided to spend time with them and look around Tulip festival.

We ate some barbecued meat and parfait ( Chocolate&Banana) with Aki as we hadn’t eaten anything in the morning. I was surprised how many big fish there were in the nearby small pond. There probably isn’t such a ponds in Finland, and if there were Finnish would probably try to fish there in secret even if it was illegal. After we had spent almost an hour with our friends from Kosen, we finally went to participate the tea ceremony. Kushiro’s mayor was there also at the same time as us.

After the tea ceremony we went to a park nearby where we had hanami with some of Kosen’s staff. Later, also the former president took part in the hanami. He didn’t seem so strict person as I had imagined.


第7週目レポート(アク ホシオ)