Week22(Jani Virtanen)

Week’s tasks and activities:

I started to print plastic gearbox shaft with 3D printer which I have designed earlier. I also calculate the shaft durability and the forces it is experiencing. We drew joint axis with pro engineer software. After drawing axis we used a simulator to test it out. We had special lesson where we practiced writing Japanese kanji. It was really fun. I want some day to write a letter to a friend with kanji’s.

What did I learn and where did I success.

I learned to use the 3D printing machine. I learned more about using Pro engineer designing program.

Next week’s plans:

Next week is our school has exam week. Which the exchange students do not have to participate in. For this reason we are going to investigate Sapporo. We are going to meet with the Finnish Institute in Sapporo where we learn about their activities. Finland has 17 independent institutes all over the world. This institute is one of them.

Daily life

I had been preparing for departure to Sapporo.







Weekly Report8(Aki Riski)

This week we planned how and where to travel in next week. Traveling sureis expencive in Japan! Ticket which allow person to freely use trains inHokkaido for one week cost for three person 76, 500 yen. We are planningnext week to travel Sapporo and Hakodate. Also there is a big festival inSapporo where we will go.

Because everyone is studying for their test I dont have so much to say of this week. It felt very short and fast.


第8週目レポート(アキ リスキ)




Weekly Report 8 (Aku Hosio)

On Wednesday we had special lesson about visualization of Ice Sea, which is Takagi-sensei’s research. It was interesting in my opinion as he was making his own program that could draw the movement vectors of sea ice by finding similarities from two different pictures and deduce the vectors from the change of position of these similarities. He was using this information to research even further if these techniques could be used to negative through north poles ice sea for more efficient shipment. After school I was running around rescheduling our next week’s special lessons, because we are going for a trip next week around Hokkaido, mainly places near Sapporo.

On Tuesday & Thursday I was doing my research, I was trying to proof that the combination of dices couldn’t be calculated right with only average weights of three different sized dices and the total weight of dices. Before I had tested if could calculate the right combination for randomized combination of dices, first combinations consisted of 90(large)-90(medium)-90(small), then 80-80-80 and so on. I did this only to realize that I couldn’t get the combination calculated right even once out 15 tests for each different combination.

I deduced that reason behind these inaccurate calculations might be because distribution of medium sized and small sized dices are not symmetric, and so the possibility of error is great. So now I am trying to proof it by changing only the number of large seized dices whose distribution is even somewhat symmetric. In this case one should be able to calculate the combination right even to some extent. So now I have done tests from combination of 99 to combination of 95. Calculating the combination of consisting of 99 large dices ( and 100 of other sizes) looked actually surprisingly good as I got right combination on 11 tests out of 15. But afterwards the tests have been right only on about 5 out 15, what is better than nothing, but as such couldn’t be used to calculate the combination even for only large sized dices. So I am still doing tests to see if and when I get to the point that I can’t calculate the combination of large dices right event once anymore.

On Friday we had special lesson about calligraphy with Tateshita-sensei. We were mostly just trying out on our own how does it feel to draw characters with brush. Everyone was drawing a lot, but Aki seemed two draw the most, surprisingly. After the lesson was over we checked what Aki had done, only to realize that he had actually been drawing just few same characters over and over again.

On Sunday, Jani got a bit angry at me and Aki as we hadn’t plan out our trip next week so thoroughly as he first had thought, we hadn’t made any reservations for hotels yet. This was because usually Finnish people like to do trips without planning to far ahead and decide what to do on the road. In the end we ended up deciding to go Hakodate for Monday night and book hotel from there, as Jani wouldn’t calm down unless we did that. So in the end everything ended up ok, but me and Aki are still a bit disappointed of Jani’s nonexistent sense of adventure.


今週のレポート(アク ホシオ)