Weekly Report 1  (Heidi Rauvala)

I arrived to Kushiro on Monday the 22nd and on the airport there was professor Komatsu waiting for me and my friend. We were taken to the dormitory at first so we could get rid of our luggage and then we were taken for a tour around the school. First we met the president of KNCT and some other professors in the school. There was taken some photos of us shaking hands with the president and a picture for the front page of the website, there was also a picture taken of us for our nameplates. After the tour we returned to the dormitory and we were taken to eat some dinner by the tutor students we have in the dormitory.

On the second day in Kushiro we met professor Kamiya and he showed us a little more of the school and introduced us better to Professor Yanagawa and his lab where we would be studying the most of the time. In the lab we used a little time on planning a little of our schedules for school on the weeks starting from 30th of April. Then in later in the afternoon we already started studying 3D in the lab for the rest of the day. After the school day we went to do some shopping to a local shopping center with the tutor students and couple others. After shopping we just came back to our dorm room and tried to imagine something to do without internet.

On the third day we started straight from the lab and used the whole day in the lab reading about Unix. The evening was the exact same as the other except professor Kamiya and Mr. Murakami started trying to find out why our internet didn’t work (the problem was only solved at Thursday evening). In the middle of day we also searched out the nearby convenient store.

Thursday was pretty much the exact same as Wednesday: Unix studying and fighting with internet.

Our Friday started again with Unix but then a little bit later we were lead to our first lesson that was professor Yanagawas advanced programming. Again after that lesson it was till the end of the day Unix studying. In the evening I used a lot of time in the internet catching up with friends about everything.

On Saturday Komatsu sensei and Kamiya sensei had planned a tour for us and other international students in the downtown of Kushiro and we ate lunch in a hotel before carrying on with the tour. On the tour we also visited some local phone companies and asking about their subscriptions for phone because we started thinking about getting an own internet to be able to go to Skype and some other programs that the school network has blocked for some reason. In the end of the tour we went again to the local shopping mall and we had a blast in there with the other international students and one local student Konishi. I bought myself new earrings and a fan from the trip as a memory of the trip.

On Sunday we went on a trip with the same people to Lake Akan and we visited on the way in 3 museums and a restaurant that Kamiya sensei said would have amazing food. When we were almost at the lakeside we still stopped in a nice shopping street in the town and there were a lot of small stores with adorable wooden statues and different kind of decorative items and jewelry. When we got to the lake side the wind was horrible and there was horribly cold but we still were able to have fun even though we couldn’t get on the ship because the ship would have come after an hour of waiting. From the lake we started to drive to professor Kamiyas house where we slept over the night. We had in his house AMAZING dinner made by his wife who was extremely nice. We visited a nearby onsen, played all kind of games, did magic tricks and had a ton of fun. After waking up we had as amazing breakfast as the dinner was and with stomachs full we left on a nearby ranch to see horses. I heard about their riding trips and I am now kind of excited and can’t wait for the moment to get to do that!

The issues I at the moment have are really just minor things like homesickness that resulted on a little nervous breakdown in Saturday, my back is hurting from the bed because it is so different from what I have gotten used to, a bit too similar food on every meal but it’s again the same point of not being used to it. Culture shock has been a little bit too much time to time, hard to realize some things why they are like they are but again, not gotten used to yet.

I haven’t done any kind of plans for next week yet so we’ll have to see what the wind carries over.

When compared to Finland the climate is surprisingly similar but then about everything else is so far from familiar as can be, the toilets and weird for what I have gotten used to, everything is way too small for bigger person like me, the nature in Kushiro is amazingly beautiful, well most likely when gotten used to all the ohayoos and konnichiwas and to the toilets then probably this isn’t so bad place to be after all.

















Weekly Report 1  (Milka Tossasvainen)

The travel to Kushiro was long. We spent about 10 hours total in plane, 3 hours in cars and spend several hours in airports. There wasn’t any good opportunity to get a sleep during the travel, so I was very tired when we made it to Kushiro. Turbulences during the flight from Tokyo didn’t make me feel any better. In Ksuhiro, we were taken to a tour around the school, and were introduced to many people, including the president of KNCT, professors and tutors. It’s very hard to remember all the names. After the tour around the school, the dormitory was shown to us by tutors. Then we went to eat dinner, which tasted good but it’s hard to eat with chopsticks. Even still I want to avoid using fork because I want to learn to use chopsticks. I spent the rest of the first day mostly resting.

Professor Yanagawa has teached us about POV-Ray, and we also have been studying Unix for few days. On Friday we had our first proper lesson about advanced programming. It has been very interesting even though it was a bit hard to understand first.

Professor Komatsu and professor Kamiya had planned tours for us and other international students for the weekend. There was also one local student with us. On Saturday we went to downtown of Kushiro and visited Manabotto and Fisherman’s Wharf Moo. Then we ate a lunch at Kushiro Prince Hotel. The food was good except for tofu, which taste I haven’t got used to yet. After the lunch we went to shopping mall.

On Sunday we went to Lake Akan and also visited few museums on the way and a restaurant. Then we went to professor Kamiyas house where we slept over the night. His wife made us a dinner which was amazing. We played different kinds of games and had a lot of fun. In the morning we had a breakfast, which once again was amazing. Then we went to see horses, Heidi seemed to be very excited about that.

We had some problems with the internet connection during the week, but the problem is pretty much solved by now. I have also had some problems with kanjis. It bothers me a bit that I can’t read everything and it’s difficult to understand things. The only proper way to overcome the problem is to learn to read them, but I think it will be fun thing to do. I have also been quite tired during the first week because of the jetlag, but I thing I have nearly gotten over it by now.

Next week we are going to start courses, but I don’t have any plans for the free time the yet.