Weekly Report 1 (Tony)

1. Activities during the week

Arrived at Kushiro National College of Technology.I really love this weather, it seem likes my dream. When I have arrived, I took a walk around the college for cruising. The style of buildings have been planned very well.I met many new friends. They were friendly and helpful. Although they can’t speak English very well but they tried to talk with me somehow. They teach the way they live, the way they eat and also the way study. This is just my first week here but I have known many things from them.It is also a good chance for me to practice my English skill. Moreover is to exchange the culture each other that make me know more about Japanese. It was fun.

In this week I have been sightseeing at Kushiro Downtown with Prof.Komatsu. I have met many things that I have never seen before. Giant crabs also the one that made me be interested. We were having fun learning new things.

I have known about history of Kushiro, this town is livable. There are not too much people so the traffic is very nice. You can go everywhere you want without traffic jam. The people is very nice. The peace, the weather, made me fall in love this town.

If I have a chance, I will come to visit this town again. This week seems like the pretty good beginning of this summer training. I have been gotten many good experiences and knowledge from Prof.Komatsu. He explained about this town and took us everywhere.






At Akan National Park Lake. It was such an important day for me. Everything was amazing. It’s good memory that made me be impressed, I won’t forget it anyway. I’m appreciated Prof. Komatsu for putting these matters into my life.
It’s very nice of him. We love the atmosphere of this place. It was our first time seeing snow. We took tons of photos. Although it was very cold but we really love it.

We were on the local newspaper which was published about our visiting the Mayor of Kushiro. This interview is also the one good experience. The mayor was very kind. He gave us a glass of milk which is used for making Hagen Dazz Icecream. The milk was delicious and creamy.
In that time we were also talking about our skills and hobbies that made me know more each other. Before leaving we were taking many photos together.



2. Issues and problem

We made loud noise in dormitory that made our professor feels disappointed in us. We have promised with him that it will not occur again. We just did it because we were excited about coming to Japan. We also really want to apologize our friends in dormitory.



3. Plans for the next week

For next week we will cancel the meal at cafeteria because we have planned to cook ourselves. It is gonna be fun. We love cooking. We will cook for my friends. Moreover we really want to pay attention at the class we are interested in such as English class and Engineering class. We want to be in the Japanese class to know the feeling compare with Thai class.



4. impression and Remarks

I’m impressed Japanese friends. They are very friendly and we have something alike. We love sport and music. It’s good to share experiences and tradition. Everywhere we planned what will we do after class. Not only we were fun,we also made many new Japanese friends. It’s very nice of them.










Weekly Report 1 (Sand)

1. Activities during the week


I have learned how to recieve the data from NOAA Satellite using reciever at Kushiro Base Station by real time operation.For making the recieving be accurate while the satellite is approaching, we have to adjust the Asimuth and Elevatation of the antenna. Inspite of the adjustable is located at the top of the building and the controller was set up at the base station where is in the building,we use remote control system to adjust it.
When the setellite is coming, the antenna will be lifted and turned itself by controller to recieve the data from setellite. The data will be detected aocessed by reciever and computer. The processed data will be shown at the monitor as a photo which is taken by satellite from the sky that make us predict the weather in future. As show in following figure.




It was holiday so Prof.Komatsu take me and my friends for sight seeing in the town. We have been to couple shoping malls, we bought stuffs. It was pretty good. We enjoyed a lot. The stuffs are absolutely different from my country that make us excited. We took photos as many as we could. It seem like the time was not enough for us but we have known how to go there so we plan to go there again and again in future.

We also hang out on Kids Day. We saw many giant animals. It was cool, I like it. After the sight seeing we went to have a meal with Prof.Komatsu, we were sharing experiences during the meal. We know more each other. Prof.Komatsu is very kind, he took us to everywhere we want, we love him. He talked about the history of Kushiro, he have a lot of knowledge for sharing. Very nice of him.

We went to see our first snow. This is top climax of the week. We got naked and took many photos. It was such a cool experience we have ever gotten. We were tired but it was pretty fun. The snow is beautiful like we were at the heaven. It seemed to be ridiculous for another but for us who live in hot country, it was seriously amazing.

On the next day we went to The city hall to meet the mayor. We introduced ourself and talked abut the different culture between Thailand, Japan and Finland. We were also interviewed by someone. We tried Hokkaido’s milk which is the main ingredient of Haagen Dazz Icecream. It was such creamy milk.






2. Issue and problem

It very poor of us. We got a problem about the dormitory. This week we made loud noise at everynight but we have never known that it annoyed the others. We were too excited about coming to Japan so we have many things to talk each other every night. Until at Tuesday night, the teacher of dormitory come to our rooms and blame us about this matter. We were so sorry about this. We didn’t intend to do this but it was our mistake. We really want to apologize everyone in the dormitory and we swear that it will not occur next times. We want everyone forgive us, we will do anything they want for the forgiveness. But we just want to tell everyone that I love everyone here because they are nice and helpful. Shuto and Tatsuya helped us to apologize the dormitory teacher. They are our nice friends. That’s all our problem.



3. Plans for the next week

I have planed to pay more attention about the sport. After the school end I’ll go playing sport everyday because sports make a lot of friends and I love making friends around the world that why I love sports. I have many foriegn friends such as Americans, Korean, Thai and also Europeans. And now I’m at Japan, so I want to have Japanese friends to get more connections.Me, Tony and Karn have also desired to cancle the meal of dormitory. We’ll try to cook ourselves.We like Japanese foods and we want to learn how to make Japanese foods and want to share Thai foods to Japanese students. It must be fun.



4. Impression and Remarks

I love Japanese students. They are helpful and nice. I’m sorry that I can’t speak Japanese but I’ll try to learn because I want to talk with everyone here. Don’t worry that I will not be happy because wa are extremely happy. All of my Japanese friends are friendly. They always welcome and give us their hand. I like being here and I want my Japanese friends (also Japanese Professor) come to Thailand. Me and my friends will drive you to everywhere you want and make you feel warm and happy in Thailand. Nice to meet you all.
For Finland Students. although they are not friendly but I really want to know them more. Maybe in their mind, they might seriously want to make friends with someone but they don’t know how to begin. It probably different from country, traditon, environment, the way they’ve met when they during growing up or somethings. So I’ve never blame them. I understand them. They are human and they want to be fun, want to have friends and enjoy. but they just probably don’t know how to do it best.



How does the base station work?

This is soda, it is not pure water!

With my Professor.

Snow! Snow!
雪だ! 雪だ!

Internship students are meeting The Mayor.

We are brothers.

Weekly Report 1 (Big)

I leave Thailand at about 22:00 p.m. By airline JL034. It takes about 4-6 hours to Narita Airport and connecting flights to Kushiro JL034 about 10:00 p.m. Prof. Komatsu has been at the airport. We arrived at the dormitory and go to see the President. Then listen to the instructions on Kushiro National college of Technology. In the afternoon listen to the advice of the laboratory and walk to see my laboratory. Today I feel very tired because long flights.

Day2, I listen to the advice on the Internet. Afternoon into Laboratory. Prof. Maeda met. Get back to work in dormitory. In the evening Prof. Maeda bring me to the mechanical party at a restaurant in the city. I am very glad. Meet friends to talk communicate.

Day 3, Prof.Komatsu has been taken to see the mall and many shops. At the night I was working is derived.

Day 4, Prof. Komatsu has been taken to see the city from a high view. I feel very livable city of Kushiro. The city is very natural. At night I work received until completion.

Day5, Prof. Komatsu has been taken to see the Lake Akan. I am very excited to see snow for the first time. Fortunately the snow. And see the snow falling.

First seen on the Lake Akan. I felt pretty good. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Today I am excited and a lot of fun. I am grateful to Prof. Komatsu has a unique experience like this.







Day 6 is a holiday for me. We go to the AEON mall. By bus number 222. By Tatsuya, Shuto and Sahan to the taken. I am excited to take a bus in Japan. At noon went to have lunch sushi at the restaurant near the AEON mall. It was delicious. I was shocked with egg sushi because a very large egg. I think before the return Thailand. I need to eat again for sure.

Day 7, We are very honored to have met the mayor of Kushiro. In the afternoon I went to work at the lab. The first is using Solid Works Program. Because in Thailand, I learned to use AutoCAD. I study how to use the program. If the shape is difficult will be examined from YouTube. At night there is a meeting of people in the dormitory. We have to introduce a Japanese speaker.

Day 8, of the work that has been done on the first day. I need to write 3D models into the Solid Works program. I was doing all day. I was talking to a friend in the department. I have various exchange of experience.

Day 9, I was doing Solid Works program until completion. I was talking to a friend in the sector. I feel very good. And I want to talk to people here. I would like to know a lot of people here.

Each meal feel like a lot. It was very delicious. Someday, if I have time to play sports, play tennis, walk around the college. I feel very pleased to have new friends so many as Japanese, Cambodia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Finland. 

Night 8th. We have made a serious mistake in the dorm. By made loud noise and alcohol. We feel guilty about what we have done. We promise not to do these things again, in a dormitory. We’re apologize.


7日目,釧路市長にお会いすることができとても光栄でした。午後は研究室にこもり,初めてSolid Worksのプログラムを使用しました。タイではオートキャドを使用しています。形が難しくて判断出来ない場合は,Youtubeで分析できます。夜は,寮生の集会があって、日本のみんなの前で自己紹介をしました。

8日目,Solid Worksのプログラムで3Dのモデルを描きました。一日中かかってしまいましたが,同じ学科の友人と話をしたりして交流が出来ました。













Weekly Report 1 (Kan)

1. Activities during the week


On my first week I was worked on three Le Corbusier’s house paper craft model. Normally in Thailand, When we make a model scale, we normally cut it with Cutter but here in Japan we use CNC Machine by CAD or some vector works program which is very accurate. Saito Sensei, my professor also show me around the architecture department introduce me to other sensei, and also show me the work of his students.




It has been a week already that we have arrived Kushiro. Everything seems exciting interesting and very different from our home, people, places, foods especially weather. we have knew more, we have learn a lot and start getting used to the japanese life 🙂

On our first day here, we got a very warm welcome from Prof.Komatsu unlike to the weather. He took us from the airport to the dormitory, show us some part of the school. Then we went to met the President, we have a little conversation about the flights and after that Sho-to and Fuhimisa show us more how to have lunch in the dormitory. On the afternoon Prof.Kamiya show us more around the dormitory and the school. On the day later, we moved to each person lab, met our professor. I have started doing House model. It’s quite different from Thailand as I have told. Prof.Komatsu also took us to some shopping mall in downtown, Fukuhara, Homax and etc. He showed us some part of the city. We bought some staff. We took lots of photos. We have seen lot of things. We are so glad to be here. 

We also went to see Kushiro city from the top view at Manabotto Restaurant. Prof.Komatsu said it is the best place in the world to see the sun set 🙂 Even though it was afternoon but we can still imagine how beautiful it would be in the evening 🙂





On the next day, we went Akan National Park. We were really exciting to see snow as well as seeing the ice freezing on a green emerald Akan lake. It was totally stunning, totally beautiful, totally amazing. A great life time memory 🙂

On our 7th day here in Kushiro, we went to met the City mayor. Everything seems so formal. We have a little discussion about the life between here in Kushiro, Thailand and Finland. After that there were two journalists had interviewed us too.



2. Issues and problem

One night chilled night we have drunk some Japanese beer, played guitar, sang a song. That was the problem, we made loud noise and broke the rules by bought some beer to drink in dormitory. We really apologize what we have done. This won’t happen again. We promise.



3. Plans for the next week

We do really love Japanese food but we plan to cook by ourself instead of having food from the dormitory because it’s more fun to spent more time together. We also plan to go participate on a normal class to learn how really Japanese learn. Also the way they think, the way they live, to get more friends and to learn each other.



4. Impression and Remarks

Even though it’s only a week here. We learn new things everyday, not only the subject from the classroom but also a lot more about Japanese everyday culture, how they think,how they live. Every Japanese friend are very kind to us. Even though we can’t communicate clearly somehow they will try their best to let us understand someway.

Also to the professor, they really work hard to manage every things for us, really thanks to Prof.Komatsu and Prof.Kamiya. They took us to lots of place and still namage a lot for us till we have no free days in our calender!!The canoe sail and the international students day must totally fun!! Can’t wait to go.