Weekly Report 9  (Milka Tossasvainen)

I have started making some scenes using the construction kit I made, but there has been some problems with the code that made the kit a bit hard to use, so I had to spent most of my time trying to make the code better. This week I also made the assignment ready for Advanced Programming and that also took some of my time. In the end I couldn’t get any scenes ready and only managed to draw some plannings of them.

In the special experimentation class on Monday, we got a new experiment to do. This time we were examining gravitational acceleration by measuring the time that takes to the pendulum to move. It was rather tiresome because the measurement was repeated several times. After the class we went to visit the tea ceremony club. There we drank some tea, made the tea by ourselves in a very easy way and served it to others. We also talked with the students there in both English and Japanese, it was fun. We’re also planning to go there again. Then on Wednesday we went to the tea ceremony club again for flower arrangement lesson. The teacher helped me a lot to do the arrangement. It was fun even though I’m not really that interested in flowers.

In the advanced programming class we went to a new topic and started using Turtle graphics. I have never used it before and It was rather interesting and fun.

On Saturday Heidi went to horse back riding and I didn’t go because it was rather expensive, so I stayed at the dormitory and had some rest. I also tried to have some progress with the project so I started doing an initial list of the objects I have already made with POV-Ray, so I could give the construction kit to Heidi to try as soon as possible. However I didn’t take it in to the account that I can’t see the code with my own computer so I didn’t get the names in the list, I could only put in the pictures of the objects and continue it later next week.

On Sunday I went to see a movie called ‘After Earth’ with Heidi, Gopal and Munjuu. The movie was very good, better than I expected. After the movie we did some shopping. When we were coming back to campus, we decided to go eat to a small restaurant near school. This time also Sahan came with us. In the restaurant I ate a curry with pork on top of it, it was delicious.






日曜日は,ヘイディさん,ゴバールさん,ムンジュさんとAfter Earthという映画を見に行きました。思っていたよりも面白かったです。映画を見た後は買い物をしました。学校に戻ってから,サハン君も合流してみんなで近くのレストランに行き夕食のポークカレーを食べました。とても美味しかったです。




Weekly Report 9  (Heidi Rauvala)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I from now on will only tell what I have done with my project and what there has been different from the other weeks. I am sorry if you don’t like this but I have gotten bored to write every single week the same thing: “this day we had school and nothing else interesting…” etc.

On Monday we took part on the tea ceremony club and had interesting time there. Wednesday we again went at the club but this time we had a flower arrangement thing in there and we got to learn about Japanese flower arrangement. I would love to say I made it look awesome but the truth is that I didn’t get to do much with it, the teacher pretty much did half of it while showing what she wanted us to do because surprisingly there was again a language border. I can’t for the love of god remember which one it was but on Wednesday or Thursday we went to Munjuu’s room and looked a movie with her. The movie was called Fun Sized and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday was the favourite day of the week in my opinion. Saturday started earlier than I would have liked but I still enjoyed every last second of it. I had the best day of my life in Kushiro till now. I went horseback riding with Kamiya sensei.

We left from the dormitory around 7.30 am and we arrived to the ranch around 8.30. We then went to fill up some papers and got ourselves geared up. We then got informed who are our horses and started our 6 hour long journey in the wilderness of Kushiro. After the trip I was good but after a couple of hours I already started feeling it in my muscles and felt it for couple days.

Sunday we went to see a movie with Munjuu and Gopal. We went to see After Earth and I feel horrible because I was on a bit bad mode that day so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have wanted and I also got much more annoyed as I should’ve been for Munjuu for forgetting we wanted to go shopping with Milka.

What comes to my project I continued with my fishes and made finally some progress and managed to make some full fishes, I had to repair the code a little bit later though.



月曜日,茶道部に参加し,とても楽しい時間を過ごしました。そして,水曜日に行われた華道の授業でも再び茶道部にお邪魔させてもらいました。素晴らしい出来だったと言いたいところですが,先生が見本を見せてくれている間に半分以上も手伝ってくれたので自分ではほとんど手をつけていません。また,言葉の壁があって,名前もひとつも覚えることができませんでした。水曜日と木曜日はムンジュさんの部屋にてFun Sized という面白い映画を見ました。


日曜日は,ムンジュさん,ゴバールさんと映画を見に出かけました。After Earthという映画でしたが,この日は絶不調で,映画をほとんど楽しめませんでした。ミルカさんと一緒に買い物に行くのをやめてムンジュさんと一緒にいたかったので,イライラしていました。