School Life

On Monday, we had our first Japanese lesson at school. Teacher was Kamiya-sensei’s wife Julia. Julia’s lesson was quit free, we were just asking her about some grammar and other stuff that came to mind. I was asking her about grammar that I have noticed hard for my fellow Finnish students as I have studied Japanese for longer time than them.

On Tuesday we had Yamada-sensei’s presentation lesson. The lesson was a lot of fun as we made friends with some of Japanese students. After lesson we had lunch with Yamada-sensei and some of the students. After lesson we did our own research and for the first time there were more students in laboratories than usual, it was quite lively as it were more like first official research day.

Wednesday I didn’t have any lessons on timetable so I was planning to do my research at laboratory, but as I was going to get coffee from cafeteria I passed by a classroom, where I haven’t really seen any lessons earlier. This time there were a small number of students and some really huge teacher. As I had already passed the classroom, the teacher came to hallway and shouted at me and started asking why I was here and where I was from. The teacher was from America, Eric. Eric asked me to join his English conversation lesson and I agreed as I didn’t have anything on my timetable. The lesson was a lot of fun as Eric is a quite joker. Eric also asked me to join his lesson next time and I agreed. After school we decided to go to visit Tea Ceremony Club with my fellow Finnish student. There were a lot of first year students attending. The club meeting was mostly about going through organization and telling about activities of the club. After the meeting we stayed for a while for a conversation. It was a lot of fun.

On Thursday night we went to see freshman welcome party at school dormitory. The Japanese gags were very different compared to Finnish gags and they looked like they were given a lot of effort.

On Friday night we went to my student tutor’s house to spend time. We played different games and had snacks.On Sunday we were bicycling with my fellow Finnish student around Kushiro in places we had not been yet.











Week’s tasks and activities:

On this week I took part in the selected classes. During the lessons we went through the following: In Mechatronics we studied to learn programming the Pic circuit. With Pic circuit system you can control machines. In laser optics lesson we learned the basic concepts and their methods of use. We went also through some the basic phenomena resulting from the optic. I also participated in the 3D planning lesson. In the lesson we used program named Pro engineering that’s new for me to use.

Monday’s programming course 5 was too hard for me who did’t have basic programming knowledge in possession. But I was able to talk with my teachers and I got new lessons in place of old course.


今週は選択科目の授業に参加し、以下について学びました:メカトロニクスの授業では、機械を制御するPICの回路システムのプログラミング方法を学びました。レーザー光学の授業では基本概念と使用方法を学び、結果として生じる一般的な現象についても学習しました。私たちはまた3D planningの授業にも参加し、そこでPro engineeringというプログラムを初めて使用しました。





(ANAホテル)国際交流ボランティ会により主催されたtea partyに参加した後、高専の留学生と一緒に美味しいケーキを食べた。