Activities ( Aku Hosio )

On Tuesday I almost finished my programming research/project, but the actual data used in a program produces a very small picture and I had to resize the picture that the user could easily see what’s happening for the picture.I could resize it easily via methods provided in C# graphic handler, but it would produce a messy picture so I decided to do my own resize method for the program on Thursday.

On Wednesday we had first Eric’s lesson, where both me and Aki were participating. Aki laughed a lot as it was his first time at Eric’s lesson. After lesson Eric asked if would want to take part a special lesson that he’d like to arrange on Friday with his class from other school, he said we would go shopping center to drink coffee,maybe play something and of course do some English conversation.

After school we had an Ikebana lesson. I’m not so interested in flowers, but it was kind of fun. My ikebana became somewhat poor looking as my sunflower had some leaves missing, I told about it to Yoko-sensei and she laughed. Yoko-sensei told us that she would place the ikebana we made near the entrance of school so everyone could see them.

On Thursday I managed do my own resize method for the program so my project was finished, but I thought I should still ask from the programming club if they want to make some more additions for the program. After school we went Tea Ceremony Club which is usually on Wednesdays but as yesterday was Ikebana lesson there were no normal club activities. We practiced folding fukusa with new club members. It was quite hard, I did some mistakes repeatedly.

On Friday we went Eric’s special lesson to shopping center so we didn’t take part in all lecture. We went to shopping center by bicycle. We didn’t know who the other students were so we waited Eric to appear for some time as he said he would be a bit late. After Eric came we decided to play table tennis. We don’t play table tennis in Finland that much, so we were completely beaten by Eric and other students. After table tennis we just sat and had conversations in both English and Japanese.

On Saturday we participated Kosen Advanced course’s first year students welcome party, we went for yakiniku. It was my first time having yakiniku, it was delicious. Also we could drink beer as much as wanted so I drank so much that I lost the count how many glasses of beer I had drank. Luckily I didn’t have hangover on Sunday, like Jani did.

On Sunday we were talking about the Saturday’s welcome party with some dormitories people. They asked if there are places where you can drink all you want in Finland like in Japan. The answer is there is no places in Finland where you can drink all you want alcohol drinks, because Finnish usually drink pretty much so it wouldn’t be good for business.


今週のレポート(アク ホシオ)

火曜にはプログラミングの研究がほぼ完成に近づいていたのですが、データ画像が極端に小さかったため、ユーザが簡単に画像判定できるようサイズを変更しなければならないことに気づきました。サイズ変更はC# graphic Handlerを使用すると簡単なのですが、画質が荒くなるので他の方法を考えることにしました。





土曜日は専攻科の新入生歓迎会に参加しました。初めてYakinikuを食べましたが、とても美味しかったです。 ビールは何杯飲んだか覚えていませんがよく飲みました。翌日はヤニ君のような二日酔いに悩まされることもなく、一安心でした。翌日、寮の方達にこの事を話すとフィンランドでは飲み放題の店があるのか聞かれたのですが、答えはNoです。なぜかというと、フィンランド人はかなりお酒を飲むので、飲み放題にしたら店側に赤字が出てしまうから。


Week report 5 (Aki Riski)

This week was ordinary expect surprise yakiniku party.

In Monday I had programming. Kamiya senseis wife Japanese lesson was canceled because her ankle was hurt. I hope next week we will have that lesson. Later day my plan was to visit kendo club but I could not find persons name who wanted me to join club. It had to wait tomorrow.

Tuesday I visited in kendo club.In Yamada-senseis lecture I chatted with Nodoka and she knew that person who wanted me to join kendo. Later in day I went to kendo club and it was nice. In kendo club they gave me an armour and let me use shinai a bit. I also met one fresh member whose only job was to run errands for her sempais. I wonder if she expected something else from kendo.

Wednesday&Thursday in tea ceremony club had a special event of making flower arrangements. It was interesting and I gave souvenirs to Yoko sensei. Souvenirs from Kyoto and it was candy. Next day tea ceremony club had a regular meeting and candies were ate. Everyone was happy?!

In Saturday I had my first yakiniku party. After yakiniku we went to other place to spend evening. One teacher asked do I want to drink hot or cold sake and I said both. I guess he was a bit embarrassment to ask such a strange order and first he ordered cold sake and couple minutes later hot sake as well….


第5週目レポート(アキ リスキ)







Activities (Jani Viltanen)

This week I attended the first time in strength of materials lesson. I understand it easily because I have completed two courses in Finland. Additional training is not bad because strength of materials is difficult. In optical lesson we practiced working of camera. How the camera can draw the picture by collecting the reflected light in to CCD- cell. I finished my assignment the gearbox shaft and I started to make new assignment an rifle. Architecture class, we had to make a new bridge. Each member of the group made their own drawings and we chose the best among them. We chose my drawing.

In material strength lesson I was able to solve all the tasks that were given.

I do my best in all classes, and I am trying to learn more. I’ll try to get the rifle ready.

Saturday, we are participating in Advanced Course first-graders welcome party. We ate yakiniku which was really good. In my Free time I studied Japanese architecture in which I came across Shinden-zukuri building style. I did a small-scale drawing of the building in to my sketchbook.


第5週目レポート(ヤニ ビルタネン)