Week report 6 ( Aki Riski )

In this week I did three significant things: went tea ceremony club,finished one stage on my laboratory experiment and had a hanami party inbebbo park, eastern kushiro.

In tea ceremony club I learned how to make tea and offer it. In next weekI will make tea for one person in kosen, lets see will that person besuprized.

About laboratory project I finished one stage when I delivered report toMatsumoto-sensei. Currently project is noise reduction magnetic filterusing double helm holtz coil. I will add to simulator in excel two doublemore coils to make number of helm holtz coils 4. It will be intresting tosee how good results are because there havent been any theoreticalcalculation before.

In saturday I went to hanami party in Bebbo park. Hanami was a bit likecamping in Finland: making food on fire and drinking beer. There were lotof people and everyone had fun. We played games there and made newfriends.


第6週目レポート(アキ リスキ)






Weekly Report6 (Aku Hosio)

On Tuesday I got a new research topic from Kamiya-sensei. Now I’m making probability calculation program for programming club’s use for this year’s Procon contest. The program should calculate the numbers of different sized dices from given total weight of dices. First I needed some sample information to use with my program so I had to check weights of all dices that will be used in the contest, one by one, it was boring. Luckily I got help from Araki-san, who is member of programming club and also member of the same lab as me. With the help of Araki-san we finished checking the weights in no time, I was changing the dices and Araki-san wrote up the weights.

On Wednesday we had special class in material research lab where we tested durability of different materials by using different kind of devices. There were a lot of devices I hadn’t seen a before because my specialty is information Technology, but I bet our school doesn’t even have most of those devices.

Ishizawa invited us to flower viewing which would be organized by his friend and be held on Saturday. So on Saturday Ishizawa came to pick us from dormitory at 11:00. We stopped at Seicomart and bought some drinks. When we arrived the park, there were already about 15 people gathered. We played catch ball while some people were preparing the place for barbecue. After preparations we had a feast and some drinks. After people felt they had eaten enough we played volleyball. It was a lot of fun even thought people often shot ball to odd directions.


今週のレポート(アク ホシオ)





WEEK 20(Jani Viltanen)

Week’s tasks and activities:

This week we begin to build a bridge which I had planned last week. We also had an special class. It was mechanics lesson. Where we went through the material properties. Subject was already familiar to me because I have taken that lesson in Finland. Kushiro Kosen schools research equipment was newer than ones I used in Finland. This week I started MC (machine centar) programming class. I think it’s very important to learn using MC machine as an mechanical engineer.

What did I learn and where did I success.

I learnd basic about MC programming but I need study more to make real program to MC machine.

Next week’s plans:

We have an special class. Where we learn how to prepare Japanese tea ceremony. Next week I will make MC program for MC machine. Every student will make an assignment part with MC.

Daily life

I went with classmates to eat sushi on Thursday. Saturday we went see cherry trees and we ate yakiniku there. It felt like a picnic.


第6週目レポート (ヤニ ビルタネン)